Budget Worries Be Gone ! Easy Ways to Save Money

budget worries

A tight budget doesn’t meant that you can’t save. It takes discipline and hard work, but it is possible to save on a tight budget. There are also some tricks that we will show you here.

What is your budget?

The first step is defining your budget if you want to start to save. Make a list of all the things you spend on each month. Include everything such as mortgage, rent, utilities, food bills, gas bills, car expenses, entertainment, cable TV bill, cell phone bill, etc… A good way to do this is to save all your receipts. Also you can review your bank and credit card statements.

Once you have all the information take time to write it all down and add up the numbers. Do you spend more than you make? If this is the case you have to start to do some cutting.

Budget Cutting

Look where you are spending on non-essential items. Are you ordering too much pizza or going out to eat too much? Do you really need to go to the movie theater every week? Or maybe you spend too much on clothes. Examine every item in your budget, and if it is not essential, consider cutting it out. Once you make this decision though you have to stick to it. Just saying you will make a change will not help you save.

Keep and Eye Out for Savings and Deals

When you go shopping for essential items, like food, look out for special deals. If you see a two for one deal then take advantage of it. You might spend more at the moment, but you will save in the long run. Look for coupons in the news paper. Also sometimes supermarkets run daily deals. Look out for these as well. Every corner you cut will go toward savings.

Check Your Utility Use

Your monthly bills can often be reduced if you look carefully. Here are examples:

  • Electric: Make sure you turn off all lights and machines when not in use. Unplug anything like a computer when not using it. Don’t leave the TV or radio on unless you are using them.
  • Gas: Minimize use as much as possible. If your stove is gas, for example, once you get your water to boil turn down the gas level for the rest of the cooking time.
  • Insulation: Improve your windows if you can. This will save on heating bills. Even inexpensive plastic window covering can make a difference.
  • Air conditioner: Don’t cool the whole house. Only use the AC where you need it. For example, sweat it out and just cool your bedroom at night.
  • Water: Take short showers instead of baths. Repair all leaky faucets

Car Expenses Add Up

Make your car a money saver. First of all, buy the cheap gas. Usually the differences in octane don’t matter unless you have a car with an expensive engine. Next, keep up to date with maintenance. While this might be a bigger initial cost the savings will kick in later with less need for repairs – or the cost of calling a tow truck to bail you out.

Be Reasonable with Entertainment

Going out to eat and to the movies is costly. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life though. Go to a museum or a park instead. Rent movies at home and make your own popcorn. This can save you bundles of money in the long run.

A tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t save. You have to do the homework and make sacrifices, but saving is never impossible.

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