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Is It Possible To Start A Successful Online Business While In A Recession

The decision to start a business is a difficult one.  Whether it is a business located in a building or an online business there are many decisions to be made and many want to be business owners find it difficult to get started and succeed especially while in a recession.  This article will give you some good tips on how to start a business online and be successful at it.

financial tips

Financial Tips For Young Professionals

A thorough understanding of financial matters is essential, and the younger these lessons are learnt the better. Many young people start work before they gain a firm grasp on how to handle their finances, which can lead to problems with

tax evation

How To Gather Evidence For Tax Evasion

Tax evasion has become a hot global topic, especially with the big cheaters. A former Chief Justice in the Philippines is being investigated for tax evasion in his country. UBS, a unit of Swiss Bank, is under investigation in France for designing

forex trading aspects

Top 3 Important Aspects of Forex Trading

The popularity of Forex trading is based on various factors. It enables retail traders to trade at any given time of the day or night. Forex markets are extremely large and liquid, presenting a huge opportunity for astute traders to make money in a short period of time. Since these markets have now opened up, retail traders are able to benefit from the positive aspects of

cut fuel cost

How to Own a Jeep and Cut Fuel Costs

Vehicles like the new Jeep Compass Sport make a great option for people who love powerful engines and durable design. Traditionally however, such vehicles would not seem suitable for those who were after better fuel economy, with Jeeps having built up a reputation for guzzling gas at a hefty pace. Particularly with news emerging that almost all


Six American Industries That Are Still Stuck In The Recession

While the worst of recession is over, economists agree that recovery to what is considered to be normal is still going to take time. While some industries are close to being back to normal, the American industries that were hit the hardest are still in a recession and have not yet even reached recovery mode. Those industries that were hit the hardest offered consumers products and services that simply were not considered to be necessities, and in tough times, luxuries are the first to be cut from the budget. While all industries were hit hard, here are the 6 that were hit hardest.

economy UAE

Why not weather the economic downturn in the UAE?

The poor state of the economy has had many hard-working US citizens wringing their hands in despair as they search for ways to escape a downturn which seems to have been with us now for many years. Almost in desperation, many have looked overseas for economic salvation, to oil-rich Persian Gulf states like the United Arab Emirates (UAE), for example.

hidden charges

Industries with the Biggest Hidden Charges

It is no secret that more and more businesses are using small print and other shady techniques to squeeze extra money out of consumers by leaving them ill informed as to the true costs of their goods and services until it is too late. Within this unwelcome world of hidden charges, certain industries have emerged as the front runners.


Want to See Real Change? How to Make a Difference in Our Economic Future

If you want to see real change in the world that makes life better for everyone, then consider getting a job in public administration that lets you focus on some of these game-changing goals.

saving money at super market

Saving Money at The Supermarket

Living when you are on a tight budget can be difficult at the best of times, but it’s especially hard when you have to do your weekly supermarket shop.  Shopping can cost us a fortune each week, and it can sometimes seem like a never ending cycle of “I want to eat healthily but I can’t afford the supermarket prices”.  Debt can make life extremely difficult, especially when there are certain necessities that we just can’t live without, food being one of them.