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hidden charges

Industries with the Biggest Hidden Charges

It is no secret that more and more businesses are using small print and other shady techniques to squeeze extra money out of consumers by leaving them ill informed as to the true costs of their goods and services until it is too late. Within this unwelcome world of hidden charges, certain industries have emerged as the front runners.


The Secrets of Managing Debt

The secret of managing debt is to prevent problems before they become problems. It’s all about avoiding unneeded debt, purchasing what you can, and only going into debt when you can afford it. Loans offer a great escape from financial burdens. They get you the money you need,

long term disability insurance

Is Long-Term Disability Insurance Worth the Investment?

In the United States today, many, maybe as much as half, of the residents live pay-check to pay-check. When you consider this, the prospect of paying for yet another thing may seem out of the question, but what would happen if the breadwinner in one of these pay-check to pay-check families were to become disabled or injured and was no longer able to work?

car finance

Avoid the Most Common Car Rip-Offs

Buying a car is an important decision for your financial future, and it should never be treated lightly. Do not go car shopping like you would go shopping for any other product – impulse buying is extremely dangerous when there is such a large amount involved. Research your options before visiting the dealer – decide exactly how much you can


How can you extend the life of your home and what’s in it?

According to a recent BBC report, the average price of a home in the United Kingdom stands at £238,293. It goes without saying that the value of a home goes far beyond its price on the property market, as in many cases homes represent years of hard work or family heirlooms. Due to this reason, protecting their home against life’s eventualities is something that every homeowner should do.


Is Time Running Out To Claim PPI

PPI is one of most mis-sold insurance policies among borrowers. Banks and insurance companies offer these alongside main loans as insurance for amounts borrowed, in case one can’t keep up with the payment for one reason or the other. Even though the idea behind them is noble, sometimes, borrowers are not told what they are getting themselves into, since premiums for some of them make the loans expensive. The application enforcement is also open to a lot of bias and exemptions, which harm the consumers.

pension plan

Things You Really Need To Know About Your Pension

Pensions are a type of savings for one’s retirement and can offer tax advantages. When the beneficiary retires or reaches the designated age of retirement, the basic pension begins to pay a regular income that continues for the remainder of one’s life.

Many businesses are obliged to give employees access to a retirement plan or point them to a financial advisor who can help with the details of all the options that are available.

car insurance deal

Car Insurance – What’s The Best Deal?

There are three types of car insurance: third party, third party fire and theft and comprehensive. The latter is the most protective of all the three car insurances, as you will receive financial assistance if you accidentally damage your vehicle. It is illegal to drive a car on the road without insurance, but opting for the cheapest form of insurance may not always work out to be the most sensible option.

life insurance

Life Insurance – Buy It Now!

Insurance isn’t the most exciting of topics and when it comes to life insurance, the subject becomes even less attractive.

Pondering the thought of what might happen when you are no longer here is a difficult matter to consider and it’s understandable to want to put it off for another day.

Natural disaster

How Homeowners Insurance Coverage Is Changing Due To Natural Disasters

Sorting out homeowners insurance claims following a disaster is full of complexities; just ask those dealing with the aftermath of the most recent natural disaster: homeowners living in areas where Superstorm Sandy unleashed the bulk of her wrath. In this situation, many homeowners are still in the process of trying to recover, many of them only now filing their insurance claims.