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Is Couponing A Hobby Or A Way Of Life

In today’s world the idea of coupons are taken to extremes.  There are even television shows about people who spend as much time as a full time job on clipping coupons and shopping with them.  Many people often consider the way they clip coupons as a hobby while others think that coupons are a way of life and their lifestyle revolves

room renovation

Which room is the most expensive to renovate?

The answer to this is totally depended on what you require from each of the rooms in your house. Someone who entertains a lot is going to want to spend money on their main dining and social area. Another person who likes their own privacy may decide that their bedroom is the centre of their universe and fill it with every known gadget.


Six American Industries That Are Still Stuck In The Recession

While the worst of recession is over, economists agree that recovery to what is considered to be normal is still going to take time. While some industries are close to being back to normal, the American industries that were hit the hardest are still in a recession and have not yet even reached recovery mode. Those industries that were hit the hardest offered consumers products and services that simply were not considered to be necessities, and in tough times, luxuries are the first to be cut from the budget. While all industries were hit hard, here are the 6 that were hit hardest.


What is a Food Vacuum Sealer?

That whooshing sound you just heard in your kitchen was the sound of the air being sucked right out of the vacuum sealer vacuum bag attached to your sealer device. The machine, which often is commonly referred to by the brand named market leader, Food Saver, is a fantastic way to save money. Vacuum sealers are becoming more common in kitchens across America. Thanks to late night television and an army of families that are working hard to wring value out of every dollar they earn.