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tax guide

A guide to good tax and record keeping

Keeping good finances is never easy but it is important. Money is something that everyone deals with but not everyone is good at the more technical aspects of money management.

Likewise, there are additional costs, such as taxes, that need considering. As each financial year comes around it’s important to keep these costs in mind and here are a few ways to help smooth your finances and make a reliable money plan for the future.

credit card rewards

Is It Really Possible to Fly Free With Credit Card Rewards?

Airline mile rewards have long been a popular incentive for credit card holders like myself. I collect miles for numerous airlines, but for the average traveler like myself, it would take forever to see the mileage results and rewards that I’m able to see by integrating the two through a

budgeting advice

Useful Advice On Effective Budgeting

There are not many people in the current economy who aren’t having to make a few changes in their financial lives. All of us are having to draw in out horns whilst things remain precarious and uncertain. Prices at the petrol pump are up, our shopping costs more and our wages

free money saving tips

Five Money-Saving Tips For The Terrible Saver

You have a big expense coming up. It might be a car, a new house or the kids’ education. It is at this moment that you realize the importance of saving. By finding ways to trim your budget, you can free up extra funds for saving, investments or for purchasing something special. Here are

credit card tips

Helpful Credit Card Tips To Save You Money

In the financial world today almost every one has at least one credit card.  More often than not a person will have at least three or four credit cards being carried around in their wallet or purse every day. 


Saving Up Money for a Down Payment? How to Reach Your Goal Faster

When you are taking out a mortgage on a new home, one of the best things that you can do is to save up as much money for a deposit as possible. Financial experts advise that you save up at least 20% of the house value for a deposit.

getting back into debt

5 Habits To Keep You From Getting Back Into Debt

Clearing your debt can take dedication, discipline and hard work, but it’s a great feeling once accomplished. However, now that you know how easily you can slip into debt, and the effort involved in getting out of it, you’ll probably think twice about getting back into debt.

tax evation

How To Gather Evidence For Tax Evasion

Tax evasion has become a hot global topic, especially with the big cheaters. A former Chief Justice in the Philippines is being investigated for tax evasion in his country. UBS, a unit of Swiss Bank, is under investigation in France for designing


Is Couponing A Hobby Or A Way Of Life

In today’s world the idea of coupons are taken to extremes.  There are even television shows about people who spend as much time as a full time job on clipping coupons and shopping with them.  Many people often consider the way they clip coupons as a hobby while others think that coupons are a way of life and their lifestyle revolves

uk pension

Transfer A UK Pension With Ease

You’ve made your sacrifices.

Whether you volunteered, or whether your company simply outsourced operations, packing up and hopping across the pond from the United Kingdom to the United States was no small feat.