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groove again

Bouncing back from hard times : How to get into the groove again

It sucks to fail.

It shatters our dreams, our confidence, our ego, and sometimes relationships as well. We second guess each and every decision we have made and lose faith in our ability to trust ourselves. There are

online business

Is It Possible To Start A Successful Online Business While In A Recession

The decision to start a business is a difficult one.  Whether it is a business located in a building or an online business there are many decisions to be made and many want to be business owners find it difficult to get started and succeed especially while in a recession.  This article will give you some good tips on how to start a business online and be successful at it.


Using Ecommerce Software To Help Build Your Business

When speaking of ecommerce software what is being referred to is software that is used by businesses to increase their sales.  There are several different types of software that can be purchased to help streamline the processes of the business.  For example one of the newer software that

IRS tax

4 Ways To Avoid Waving Red Flags At The IRS

A buddy of mine owned a business back in the day that he was pretty proud of. It was a car repair shop, and he had started it from scratch. It was nothing fancy, just a local, honest shop that people really began to trust over time. He had developed quite a solid customer base over the few years he was open, and then out of nowhere, he shut it down.

credit card rewards

Is It Really Possible to Fly Free With Credit Card Rewards?

Airline mile rewards have long been a popular incentive for credit card holders like myself. I collect miles for numerous airlines, but for the average traveler like myself, it would take forever to see the mileage results and rewards that I’m able to see by integrating the two through a

credit rating

Building & Protecting Your Corporate Credit Rating

Every successful, long-term business understands the crucial step in establishing, growing and protecting an accurate credit history. For those new to the business world, business credit history is used to establish a performance rating that reflects the credit worthiness of the business.

saving money with employer

How to Save Money with your Employer

Waste at work is often inevitable, but it could be a crucial element when it comes to new or small companies that need to kept afloat in hard times. Although, business owners are often aware of this problem, it is necessary that you contribute with your employer in saving money. Therefore, that besides taking out liability insurance, today business owners also considers the loyalty of their employees to achieve such quest.

economy UAE

Why not weather the economic downturn in the UAE?

The poor state of the economy has had many hard-working US citizens wringing their hands in despair as they search for ways to escape a downturn which seems to have been with us now for many years. Almost in desperation, many have looked overseas for economic salvation, to oil-rich Persian Gulf states like the United Arab Emirates (UAE), for example.


Protect Your Small Business From Scammers

Scams are everywhere these days, and everyone is a potential target. While we hear a lot about high-tech scammers who hack into websites and financial accounts to wreak havoc, there are plenty of fraudsters out there who take a more low-tech approach to swindling whomever they can, including small business owners.