How a Falling Iron can Make You Think About Insurance

Getting around to arranging a home insurance quote is one of those things which it is slightly easier to put off than it is to do. I have been guilty of leaving my house uninsured a few times in the past but I have discovered through experience that there are some triggers which can cause you to sort out a few home contents insurance quotes with a degree of urgency.

When Something Bad Happens at Home

A few years ago my partner was ironing some clothes when I caused her to drop the iron on the carpet. Well, I say that I caused her to do it since I got the blame for it. The fact I was in a different room at the time didn’t seem to be a good enough alibi to get me off the hook. Anyway, she had asked me look for home contents insurance quotes about 3 months before this, so even while the carpet was still hot she told me to phone the insurer and start the claims process. Sadly, I had completely forgotten about getting the quotes as soon as she had told me to get them. This meant that I had to look at both a burned carpet and an unhappy face for the next few months.

When Your Neighbour Has a Problem

Our neighbours went away on holiday for a week once and didn’t tell us that they were doing this. I remember hearing some noises coming from over the fence but since I didn’t know they were gone I assumed they were out weeding some plants. It turned out that someone had broken into their house and carried away quite a few of their most valuable possessions. Needless to say, they were absolutely horrified when they got back and I felt really bad about not realising that someone had broken in. I tried to reassure them by telling them their insurance would cover it but it turned out that they had cancelled the policy years ago because nothing had ever happened to them. They didn’t speak to me for the rest of the time we lived next door to each other after this, although to be fair they had never really spoken to me very much before it either.

When Your Little Baby Is Growing Up Into a Monster

My little girl recently earned the nickname Attila. It’s not just the grass that doesn’t grow back once she’s walked on it; every single thing she touches either breaks, disappears, disintegrates or gets eaten. This made me realise just how fragile a lot of the objects in our house actually are. I was telling her off one day for breaking a plate when I suddenly remembered how I had smashed two windows in my parent’s house on consecutive days. This happened over 30 years ago and I had completely forgotten about it until that moment. I guess that accidents simply happen and that they are far more likely to happen when there is a youngster with lots of energy prowling around the place. Ever since the incident with the iron which I made fall off the ironing board from long distance I have always had insurance cover in place. However, after thinking about the toddler effect for a while I went online to look up home contents insurance quotes with the widest range of cover I could find. The good news is that even after I told her off for her little accident my daughter is the only person in this story who didn’t fall out with me and stop talking to me after it.

Author Bio

This guest post is contributed by Bill Jobs. He is trying to give an awareness by this article “You shouldn’t wait for something bad to happen before you look for home contents insurance quotes online.”

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