How to take the financial pain out of holidays

Financial Pain

No sooner has Thanksgiving past than Christmas approaches. It can be an expensive time with presents for the family just one of the extra expenses. Holiday time can mean extra spending anyway and a cold spell increases the energy bills.

It is all too easy to buy gifts and find the bills are still being paid off well into the next year. It is so much better to think about a budget and the best way to finance the holidays whilst not overstretching yourself.

One way is to spread the load over the whole year; not with credit card expenditure if the balance at the end of the month is left to incur high interest. Buying things that do not lose popularity as fashions change can make eminent sense, and they may be cheaper in the summer than as Christmas approaches.

Some gifts cost very little yet may become the most treasured in the years to come; a photograph album with not only photographs but perhaps ticket stubs to events of the year can be a great gift particularly to the elderly. All it takes is a little time. Thrift stores may be a source of several ideas and hardly touch the bank balance.

Similarly there are some things that cost very little and provide excellent entertainment at holiday time. Friends and family come to enjoy each other’s company. It is not important to serve the most expensive food. While some holiday food may not be the healthiest, there are ways to make a nutritional meal without serious expense.

It may be you can pick a theme night with the food and drink from bygone times. The fun is in the theme, the food almost incidental.

There are peak times for travel and Christmas is one of them; the holiday allows you to think whether it is the day itself that is important or can you celebrate with far away family a day or two early, still have the enjoyment of meeting but be home for Christmas Day itself having avoided the crowds?

Energy to heat the house is just one of the costs at Christmas; decoration and electric lights are two more things that only come out at this time of year. Decoration can be self made; the branches and twigs from the trees can make lovely decoration, far more natural than the decorations bought in the shop. Evergreens are particularly good though you shouldn’t damage any trees in collecting it.

Holiday time can be expensive and in recent years some people have found it difficult to enjoy the festive season because of the problems of unemployment. The economy is on the move again but it still may be necessary to be careful with money particularly if you are still clearing some old debts.

These few ideas may get you thinking of a few of your own; it is still important to see the family and to make sure that children enjoy the holiday. It does not have to cost a fortune and perhaps will be more enjoyable than normal if more effort and imagination has gone into the occasion.

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