How to Increase Your Credit Score

Increase Credit Score

It is important to have a high credit score for a number of different reasons. If you should ever need to get a loan or obtain a credit card you will have a hard time doing so without a good credit score. The credit score is an all-powerful force that has the ability to determine whether you can get a loan, a credit card, and even an apartment. If you have already done damage to your credit score you should not be discouraged. There is hope. There are a few things that you can do to improve the state of your credit. The following is a list of tips that will help you get started down the path towards a higher credit score.

Tips to Help Improve Your Credit Score

Check Your Credit Report – The very first thing that you should do when trying to improve your credit is to know exactly what your credit score is. It is also important to know the debts that you have against you just in case there are any errors.

Dispute Errors – If you should find any errors on your credit report you should file a letter of dispute with the credit agency.

Pay off Debts – Paying off old debts is an easy way to improve your credit score. Paying off debts that are reported on your credit will have them removed. Paying off old debts is easier said than done. You cannot pay bills with money that you do not have. What you can do is send a small amount towards the debt that you do owe. You do not have to send large payments. Any small amount towards paying off your debt will help you get towards where you want to be. Consider consolidating your debt into one low monthly payment that you can afford.

Keep Your Current Accounts Current and in Good Standing – If you want to improve the state of your credit you should make it a point to keep all of your account current and in good standing. The accounts you should focus on the most include bank accounts, utility payments, and loan payments. All of these types of account report to the major credit agencies. If you do not have these types of accounts you should get them. Open new accounts and keep them current. This will help improve your credit score.

Pay Your Bills on Time – Pay your bills before they are due. It is really that simple. Instead of waiting until the last minute, pay your bills as soon as you have the financial ability to do so. This can quickly help you improve your credit.

Do Not Cancel Your Credit Cards – You should not close your credit card accounts, even the accounts you have that are not active. You should pay down the amount of credit card debt that you owe and use your credit cards every so often. This demonstrates to lenders that you are financial able to use credit wisely.

Never Max Out Your Credit Cards – Maxing out your credit cards is the last thing that you want to do if you want to improve your credit score. Try to keep the balance of your credit card lower than thirty percent of your overall credit limit.

Secured Credit Cards – Get a secured credit card if you wish to improve your credit score. These types of credit cards report to major credit agencies.

Following these tips can help you improve your credit score in no time. You may be surprised by how quickly these tips can actually work if you apply them right.

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