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Five Money-Saving Tips For The Terrible Saver

You have a big expense coming up. It might be a car, a new house or the kids’ education. It is at this moment that you realize the importance of saving. By finding ways to trim your budget, you can free up extra funds for saving, investments or for purchasing something special. Here are


Is Couponing A Hobby Or A Way Of Life

In today’s world the idea of coupons are taken to extremes.  There are even television shows about people who spend as much time as a full time job on clipping coupons and shopping with them.  Many people often consider the way they clip coupons as a hobby while others think that coupons are a way of life and their lifestyle revolves


Sticking to a Budget When You Have a New Baby

Having a new baby in the house is a wonderful experience, but coping with all the stress, the sleepless nights, the worries, and the financial aspect is not easy. Follow these simple tips to stay on top of your budget, and still make sure that your newborn has everything that’s needed.