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Is It Really Possible to Fly Free With Credit Card Rewards?

Airline mile rewards have long been a popular incentive for credit card holders like myself. I collect miles for numerous airlines, but for the average traveler like myself, it would take forever to see the mileage results and rewards that I’m able to see by integrating the two through a

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Helpful Credit Card Tips To Save You Money

In the financial world today almost every one has at least one credit card.  More often than not a person will have at least three or four credit cards being carried around in their wallet or purse every day. 

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Settling credit card debt : Ways to fruitfully complete the process

As far as outstanding credit card balances are concerned, there are ample opportunities to bargain for a comfortable repayment term owing to your financial hardship. However, in order to slash the debt amount by more or less 50-70%, you need to put up a brave face and must have the requisite negotiation skills to successfully complete the debt settlement process.


The Secrets of Managing Debt

The secret of managing debt is to prevent problems before they become problems. It’s all about avoiding unneeded debt, purchasing what you can, and only going into debt when you can afford it. Loans offer a great escape from financial burdens. They get you the money you need,

Credit improving

5 Credit Improving Tips You’ve Never Heard

My oldest friend, Brent, used to tell me stories during school about his mom’s schemes to avoid paying for major purchases. The gist of the plot revolved around using credit to buy something they needed, like a washer and dryer, and then eventually declare bankruptcy to “get out of the money owed.” Beyond the questionable legality of her actions, the plan ultimately resulted in an appalling and nearly unredeemable credit score.

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Not Letting Your Debts Control You

Total personal debt in the UK is currently around the £1.4 trillion mark, that’s over £3,000 for every adult in the country and that figure doesn’t include mortgages. This debt is made up of personal loans, car loans, overdrafts and credit cards. With Christmas just behind us many people will have amassed even more debt over the festive season. It’s important to get in control of your debt so it doesn’t take over your life.


Know the detail when selecting a credit card

Credit cards were the source of major problems when the recent financial crisis developed. Credit Card companies had been happy to recruit more and more users with special offers and often increased credit limits unsolicited as people reached their current limits; they did not mind as times were good and the real profit they made was on the outstanding balances left at the end of every month.


Don’t Go Bankrupt This Holiday Season: Have a Solid Plan

Ah, the holiday debt hangover. If you’re anything like the average person, you spend around $1,000 on holiday festivities each and every year – $2,000 if you travel for the holidays! This money has to come from somewhere, and for all too many people, it comes in the form of


Best Credit Card For Students

The casual use of credit cards and the aggressive marketing of credit card companies were two facts of life before the financial crisis a few years ago brought a completely new reality to finance. The huge rise in unemployment led to many people defaulting on their financial