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budgeting advice

Useful Advice On Effective Budgeting

There are not many people in the current economy who aren’t having to make a few changes in their financial lives. All of us are having to draw in out horns whilst things remain precarious and uncertain. Prices at the petrol pump are up, our shopping costs more and our wages

getting back into debt

5 Habits To Keep You From Getting Back Into Debt

Clearing your debt can take dedication, discipline and hard work, but it’s a great feeling once accomplished. However, now that you know how easily you can slip into debt, and the effort involved in getting out of it, you’ll probably think twice about getting back into debt.

free from debt

Smart Tips To Free Yourself From Debt

Almost everyone in the country has some sort of debt and no one likes to find himself or herself in debt deeper than they can handle.  Paying off your debt may seem like a difficult and long process.  However if you follow a few simple tips it might not be as hard as you once thought.  This article will give a few simple tips to get you on the road to being debt free and having financial freedom.

Increase Credit Score

How to Increase Your Credit Score

It is important to have a high credit score for a number of different reasons. If you should ever need to get a loan or obtain a credit card you will have a hard time doing so without a good credit score. The credit score is an all-powerful force that has the ability to determine whether you can get a loan, a credit card, and even an apartment. If you have already done damage to your credit score you should not be discouraged. There is hope. There are a few things that you can do to improve


What should your financial priorities be in 2013?

Few people expect the economic climate of the early years of the Century to return and even fewer expect the casual way in which everyone handled their finances in those years to return either. The shock of unemployment and falling real estate prices caused by the Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) problems is a lesson that will take years to forget.


6 Unorthodox Credit Score Strategies

Credit scores can be complicated business. Many people don’t know what their credit scores are until they are rejected for something. Some people are overly worried about their credit score and attempt to do whatever they can to improve it. The following are six strategies often thought to improve credit scores. But do they actually work?