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cut fuel cost

How to Own a Jeep and Cut Fuel Costs

Vehicles like the new Jeep Compass Sport make a great option for people who love powerful engines and durable design. Traditionally however, such vehicles would not seem suitable for those who were after better fuel economy, with Jeeps having built up a reputation for guzzling gas at a hefty pace. Particularly with news emerging that almost all

economy UAE

Why not weather the economic downturn in the UAE?

The poor state of the economy has had many hard-working US citizens wringing their hands in despair as they search for ways to escape a downturn which seems to have been with us now for many years. Almost in desperation, many have looked overseas for economic salvation, to oil-rich Persian Gulf states like the United Arab Emirates (UAE), for example.


Fixed Rate Loans Drop to Stimulate Activity

Despite the Reserve Bank’s efforts to stimulate the property market, analysts remain concerned but say that consumers should take heart that the RBA will need to keep interest rates low for an extended period of time in order to rejuvenate the economy.

stock market

The Market Keeps Ramping Up – What to do with Your Dollars

The stock market is growing, and it does not seem to show any signs of slowing down. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is closing in on 14,000 to levels not seen since before the global credit crisis. Is the worst over? What about the European crisis? What about China? And what does the real estate market say?

blue chips

Is it Bye-Bye time for Blue Chips?

The stock market picture today still paints a robust picture. Despite the same, there is a slight weakening in its bullish trend. And it is still to be confirmed by the Dow Jones Transportation Average. Warning signals are being sent by branded blue chips companies.

budgeting growth

Budgeting can still only predict slow growth

Every company prepares an annual budget, a forecast of sales performance, details of overheads and running costs together with a cash flow to ensure that there is always working capital to run the business. Budgeting is essential so that it is possible to look at performance at any one time.

debt obstacles

Debt is proving an obstacle to growth

No economy can stand in isolation; China has found that to its cost as demand throughout the World has dropped leaving unsold production without a buyer in many of its businesses. The problems have manifested themselves in many ways. Debt has become a four letter word that is commonly used.


What is the financial outlook in the USA for the ordinary man?

In recent years it has been the Chinese economy that has been receiving all the headlines but even in China, companies are building up stocks of products that no one currently wants. Demand has fallen worldwide and China cannot keep producing if there is no one to buy the goods. Indeed Chinese imports have also dropped in the last couple of months so consumer demand in China is falling as well.