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investments approach

A Balanced Approach To Investments In 2013

Professional investors like to talk about the idea of maintaining a balanced portfolio, but what does this really mean to you? Has the global economic slowdown changed the way that we should think about investments and finances in general?

amex credit card

AMEX Credit Cards – A Review

The prepaid credit card is a popular choice for consumers that need the convenience without the risk of getting into serious debt. They are also an excellent choice for people who have not established a stable credit history, not to mention people with

borrow money

6 Reasons to Never Borrow Money

There are times when an emergency knocks at your door and the only thing you can think off is borrowing money to cope with the unexpected expense. Some other times you may simply consider the idea of borrowing money to pay for something that could not wait for your payday or the time you need to save the money to purchase it. Whatever could be the case, you should never borrow money for you own good sake, particularly if payday loans are the only solution that you can see.

economy UAE

Why not weather the economic downturn in the UAE?

The poor state of the economy has had many hard-working US citizens wringing their hands in despair as they search for ways to escape a downturn which seems to have been with us now for many years. Almost in desperation, many have looked overseas for economic salvation, to oil-rich Persian Gulf states like the United Arab Emirates (UAE), for example.


Know the detail when selecting a credit card

Credit cards were the source of major problems when the recent financial crisis developed. Credit Card companies had been happy to recruit more and more users with special offers and often increased credit limits unsolicited as people reached their current limits; they did not mind as times were good and the real profit they made was on the outstanding balances left at the end of every month.

trade market

Options Trader Newsletter Review – Helping You to Make Gains on the Stock Market

The Options Trader Newsletter from MarketWatch is written by options strategist Lawrence G. McMillan. McMillan has published options trading newsletters and written some options books as well with titles like Profit with Options and McMillan On Options. McMillan has hands-on experience on the topic as he is a portfolio manager at McMillan Strategic Partners which is his hedge fund. Reputed publications like the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg BusinessWeek have quoted McMillan.

finance apps

Top 8 Must Have Finance Apps

In the hurried financial world, moments can make the difference between a windfall and a crushing landslide. Adding a few key finance apps to your investment tool box can help you make smart decisions quickly and help you beat the closing bell. Moreover, finance apps can help you track today’s spending and plan for the future as well. Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of the best finance apps on the market today.

budgeting growth

Budgeting can still only predict slow growth

Every company prepares an annual budget, a forecast of sales performance, details of overheads and running costs together with a cash flow to ensure that there is always working capital to run the business. Budgeting is essential so that it is possible to look at performance at any one time.

borrow credit card

The Reasons Still To Borrow

Each family needs to make their decision on personal circumstances. Redundancies should have reached their peak. Companies that have come through recent years should have adjusted to the current situation and be able to retain their current work force. In those circumstances it is important to use a little patience before buying that new car, a new kitchen or bathroom.  The lessons of the last few years have probably made it easier to be patient. The days of getting out the credit card and buying without giving it a moment’s thought have most certainly gone.