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tax guide

A guide to good tax and record keeping

Keeping good finances is never easy but it is important. Money is something that everyone deals with but not everyone is good at the more technical aspects of money management.

Likewise, there are additional costs, such as taxes, that need considering. As each financial year comes around it’s important to keep these costs in mind and here are a few ways to help smooth your finances and make a reliable money plan for the future.

fuel cost

The True Cost of Running a Car

The majority of us have come to rely on cars as an integral part of our everyday lives. While they may save us a great deal of time and effort, they certainly do not do the same for our money. Cars are an expensive investment and with the average cost of running one increasing year by year, what is it that causes them to drain so much of our money? 


Protect Your Small Business From Scammers

Scams are everywhere these days, and everyone is a potential target. While we hear a lot about high-tech scammers who hack into websites and financial accounts to wreak havoc, there are plenty of fraudsters out there who take a more low-tech approach to swindling whomever they can, including small business owners.

Credit improving

5 Credit Improving Tips You’ve Never Heard

My oldest friend, Brent, used to tell me stories during school about his mom’s schemes to avoid paying for major purchases. The gist of the plot revolved around using credit to buy something they needed, like a washer and dryer, and then eventually declare bankruptcy to “get out of the money owed.” Beyond the questionable legality of her actions, the plan ultimately resulted in an appalling and nearly unredeemable credit score.