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flood insurance

Flood Insurance – Protecting Your Home From Heavy Rain And Flooding

Not everyone knows that any losses incurred during a flood are not included in home insurance. This is because flood coverage is always written as a separate policy. If you live in a flood hazard zone indicated by the National Flood Insurance Program or NFIP, you will be required to have flood insurance along with supplemental coverage.

mortgage borrowers

Mortgages – What Sort Of Borrower Are You?

The mortgage market is complex and you are one of the complicating factors. The sort of borrower you are will affect the sort of deal you are able to get.

Income Protection Insurance

Importance Of Income Protection Insurance

Here is a really scary picture: imagine not being able to perform in your own occupation due to sickness, disability, or mental illness. Imagine not being able to put food on the table, or pay your mortgage and household bills. For all of us, this certainly is beyond imagination and I will stop there. While there are many ways


The Secrets of Managing Debt

The secret of managing debt is to prevent problems before they become problems. It’s all about avoiding unneeded debt, purchasing what you can, and only going into debt when you can afford it. Loans offer a great escape from financial burdens. They get you the money you need,


Refinancing Your Mortgage To Save Money

If you’re looking to release some of the money tied up in your home, or simply want to take advantage of falling interest rates, then you may have considered refinancing your mortgage. People switch to different types of mortgages all the time, whether it’s because they can benefit from an improved credit score, or they want to lower their


Fixed Rate Loans Drop to Stimulate Activity

Despite the Reserve Bank’s efforts to stimulate the property market, analysts remain concerned but say that consumers should take heart that the RBA will need to keep interest rates low for an extended period of time in order to rejuvenate the economy.