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question to lenders

10 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Lender

Getting a loan is a big deal. It’s not simply an act of borrowing and lending, it is one that involves a great many conditions, fine details and a host of fees that you didn’t even know existed. While loans can get you out of financial troubles, they can also dig a hole much deeper than the one you started with if you’re not careful and well informed.

investments approach

A Balanced Approach To Investments In 2013

Professional investors like to talk about the idea of maintaining a balanced portfolio, but what does this really mean to you? Has the global economic slowdown changed the way that we should think about investments and finances in general?

mortgage investment

Is A Mortgage A Worthwhile Investment?

Defining how to invest money in this tumultuous economy is a topic which could be argued correctly in either direction. Investing money into anything – stocks, mortgages, bonds, or anything, requires careful deliberation,

budgeting advice

Useful Advice On Effective Budgeting

There are not many people in the current economy who aren’t having to make a few changes in their financial lives. All of us are having to draw in out horns whilst things remain precarious and uncertain. Prices at the petrol pump are up, our shopping costs more and our wages

spending money for family

Family fun without spending money

Everyone is feeling the pinch of the ongoing global economic crisis – governments, large corporates to the average man on the street. No one is immune to it. However this doesn’t mean that you have to stop any of your daily activities or having a fun outing once in a while to break the monotony. It is

structured settlement and annuity

Structured Settlements and Annuities: What Differentiates the Two?

Many individuals are not clear when it comes to the disparity between a structured settlement and an annuity. Perhaps the reason for the confusion is because both have certain similarities, most especially in the manner in

credit card processor

Can Mobile Credit Card Processor Help Your Business

If your company is like most, you accept multiple forms of payment for your goods or services. While some people still pay with cash and check, sliding a credit card is among the most convenient and most used options available. For consumers, this provides them with the improved ability to manage finances and control spending, the convenience and security of not carrying cash and more. However, if your sales or service

transfer finance of car

How to transfer finance of car

The following article gives you some quick and handy advice on the processes of financing a car, and transferring that finance if such a situation occurs.

manage personal finance

The Best Way to Manage Personal Finances

Today more than ever it is important to keep your personal finances in order. The instability of the global economy makes the management of personal finances ever more challenging. Here we will provide some basic tips to make managing your money easier.

finance apps

Top 8 Must Have Finance Apps

In the hurried financial world, moments can make the difference between a windfall and a crushing landslide. Adding a few key finance apps to your investment tool box can help you make smart decisions quickly and help you beat the closing bell. Moreover, finance apps can help you track today’s spending and plan for the future as well. Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of the best finance apps on the market today.