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budgeting advice

Useful Advice On Effective Budgeting

There are not many people in the current economy who aren’t having to make a few changes in their financial lives. All of us are having to draw in out horns whilst things remain precarious and uncertain. Prices at the petrol pump are up, our shopping costs more and our wages

free money saving tips

Five Money-Saving Tips For The Terrible Saver

You have a big expense coming up. It might be a car, a new house or the kids’ education. It is at this moment that you realize the importance of saving. By finding ways to trim your budget, you can free up extra funds for saving, investments or for purchasing something special. Here are

saving money for kids

Saving Your Kids From Future Financial Struggles

A popular proverb says that if you teach a child appropriately, they will remember those lessons all their lives. Such wise sayings cover many areas, especially when it comes to finances. Believe it or not, I do believe that teaching a child at a young age, about how to manage

unemployment debt

How to Avoid Debt when Unemployed

With unemployment rates rising, and the downgrade disaster and associated ‘austerity’ economy woes promising to keep the misery going for the immediate future, plenty of people are struggling or will soon be struggling with keeping their heads above water without a job. While unemployment is stressful emotionally and physically, it can also be a disaster financially for obvious reasons. Many people who find themselves unemployed quickly sink into debt as they use credit cards to pay their bills. But while unemployment is traumatic and difficult, it is

long term disability insurance

Is Long-Term Disability Insurance Worth the Investment?

In the United States today, many, maybe as much as half, of the residents live pay-check to pay-check. When you consider this, the prospect of paying for yet another thing may seem out of the question, but what would happen if the breadwinner in one of these pay-check to pay-check families were to become disabled or injured and was no longer able to work?

pension plan

Things You Really Need To Know About Your Pension

Pensions are a type of savings for one’s retirement and can offer tax advantages. When the beneficiary retires or reaches the designated age of retirement, the basic pension begins to pay a regular income that continues for the remainder of one’s life.

Many businesses are obliged to give employees access to a retirement plan or point them to a financial advisor who can help with the details of all the options that are available.


How to Buy What You Want Without Going Into Debt

It’s a situation familiar to many parents who have ever taken their children shopping with them. The child sees something they “must have” (because stores have learned how to strategically place toys and sweets where they know kids will be) and ask the parent to buy it for them. Using a parenting trick passed down through the ages, the parent says, “Save your money, and you can buy it for yourself.”  While parents may initially make the statement in hopes that the child will forget the item entirely or realize they don’t really want it that badly, the advice is still good.

manage personal finance

The Best Way to Manage Personal Finances

Today more than ever it is important to keep your personal finances in order. The instability of the global economy makes the management of personal finances ever more challenging. Here we will provide some basic tips to make managing your money easier.